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Frequently Asked Questions

Are estimates free?

Yes, we offer free estimates. However, if the project requires a more detailed design involving multiple meetings and options, a charge may be assessed.


Is Allen Remodeling insured?

Yes, we are a fully licensed, insured and bonded.


Will Allen Remodeling assist with the planning phase of the project?

Yes, we provide a number of different options that can assist with project planning.

Who manages / oversees Allen Remodeling projects?

The owner is present and the main point of contact during all stages of every project. We pride ourselves on open and direct communication.


Will Allen Remodeling dispose of materials removed or excavated?

Yes, we handle the disposal of all unusable materials.


What should I use for my patio: Natural Stone, Concrete Pavers or Concrete?

NATURAL STONE: Our most durable and attractive installation is Natural Stone. It offers a hard, weather resistant surface that maintains its color and charm with very little maintenance. When installed with polymeric sand, it possesses the ability to expand and contract with the weather conditions and has immense longevity.

CONCRETE PAVERS: Concrete pavers offer savings on the material end while achieving a similar strength and beauty to natural stone. Many colors, patterns and textures can be selected that mimic the look of natural stone. Also like stone, this product can flex with the changing seasons adding to its life.

CONCRETE: Concrete is a highly versatile building material offering a number of different decorative options as well as conventional installation at an affordable price. Unlike a natural stone or paver installation, concrete does not flex, but with the proper installation and maintenance, you can also achieve a long lasting product.


Is Allen Remodeling environmentally conscious?

Allen Remodeling practices Sustainable Materials Management. As part of this initiative, we:

REDUCE: Accurate measurements and careful ordering along with skilled craftsmanship helps reduce the amount of excess material.

REUSE: Offering reclaimed materials (when available) helps to lower project costs and has an environmental impact by reducing the need for additional new resources.

RECYCLE: Recycling concrete removed from projects and reusing it as a gravel provides a strong base for many of our hardscape installations.


Is sealing a hardscape installation necessary?

It depends on the material and manufacturer. With natural stone products, sealing becomes more of a cosmetic procedure rather than a preservative measure. Sealing concrete products will prolong the life of the material, however it requires regular re-application.


Will weeds invade my new paver patio?

No. We use a polymeric sand that sets between the pavers creating a solid semi-flexible barrier locking the pavers together and preventing weed development. The sand also allows the pavers to flex and move (breathe) with the seasons, giving you long lasting beauty and function.


Do I need to repair the lawn after a hardscape installation?

No. We always fill around the edges with soil / seed or sod installation for an additional fee.


What kind of ice melt is recommended for concrete?

A calcium chloride based ice melt. This melts ice at the lowest temperature of products available to consumers.

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