Allen Remodeling is a Milwaukee based contractor specializing in home repairs, hardscapes, and masonry. With an emphasis on quality craftsmanship and good communication, Allen Remodeling prides itself on designing to add function, usefulness, and long-lasting beauty to your home and projects. Through creativity, careful planning and collaboration, Allen Remodeling aspires to turn your vision into reality.

Matthew Allen Schofield

Craftsman and Owner of Allen Remodeling


Growing up in the Mid-town neighborhood of Milwaukee, Matthew always wanted to be a mason. However, following in the footsteps of his parents, he started his career in youth development and environmental education working for Neighborhood House and Children's Outing Association (COA). During this time and throughout his life, Matthew was always looking for avenues to practice leadership. As a result, he volunteered in organizations such as Public Allies and AmeriCorps where he became a nominated leader. It was experiences like these that helped to shape and develop his leadership style and nurtured his passion for teaching within his community.

In 2004, after eleven years working with youth and in the community, Matthew began shifting gears focusing back on his life long passion of being a mason and building with his hands. Excelling at construction, being spatially oriented and mechanically minded, within a few years he was leading and managing construction crews. With these skills and abilities, Matthew now had the proper foundation and confidence to begin his own venture, Allen Remodeling.


Today, Matthew works on a scope of projects ranging from creative hardscapes, stamped and colored concrete, dry-stacked retaining walls, patios, walkways, stairs, to interior and exterior remodeling/renovation.

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